Screensaver SBB

Screensaver SBB

Screensaver SBB will bring modern trains to your desktop

Do you like trains?
Are you a fan of those modern locomotives that look like bullets?
Screensaver SBB will bring modern trains to your desktop.

This screensaver is an advertisement from the company that runs the railways in Switzerland.
It is very simple to install.
You will be able to see many aspects of the trains that operate in that country.

The first thing you notice is order and coordination.
One can just wonder if it is reality.
You can see the arrival and departures boards in the stations; you can admire the comfort of the passengers while traveling.
It looks so comfortable that it really invites you to use their service.

Screensaver SBB is only that. A series of photos showing several aspects of the services that the company offers.
If you expected a screensaver depicting trains and such, this is not what you are looking for.

But if you are planning a trip to Switzerland in the near future, or if you have already been there and used the trains, this screensaver will remind you those pleasant moments.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice pictures


  • It is only advertising
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